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The Best of Bahamas SCUBA Diving!

Bahamas diving with Sharks! Up to six different species, Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Lemon Sharks, Reef Sharks, Bull sharks and Nurse Sharks! with the Dolphin Dream team.

Liveaboard Bahamas shark diving, more diving, less effort and all inclusive. Stay on location all day for the most shark diving and the best in Shark Encounters.

Tiger Shark Encounters!

Tiger Sharks are usually solitary sharks, except for food concentrations and breeding they spend their time alone swimming the oceans. The Western Atlantic Tiger Sharks, including the Bahamas population seem to migrate north in the summer time, up to Bermuda and or Northeast coast of America. Winter time they travel to The Bahamas and even farther south. Most of the Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach are female. Many we see on a regular basis and give them names. Often we see these female appearing to be pregnant and believe they travel north of the Bahamas, maybe to the Sargasso Sea to have their pups.

Caribbean Reef Shark

Caribbean Reef sharks live on the reefs and congregate on one particular reef where we feed the Tiger Sharks. Reef sharks are generally 3 to 5 feet long and usually there are 12 to 20 around one reef. This is a thrilling dive with excellent photographic opportunities. Reef sharks are very common around the Bahamas, but our reefs have colorful sponges to use as background for pictures. The reef has deep crevices to get below the sharks for great silhouettes. This all makes for the best shark dive in the Bahamas.

Lemon Sharks

Lemon sharks of the Bahamas average about two to two and half meters and can number 20 to 30 at a time. Most of the population we see are females with the occasional male coming through. We do recognize many of them as regulars to our area. Some researchers have claimed that at least some of the Tiger Beach population travel to Florida and back. There are times that we see less of them so they must travel but are not really a migratory shark like the Tigers and Hammerheads. They are not a solitary shark, usually found in small groups. These Lemon sharks are bold and completely unafraid of humans. We do not feed them underwater because they are sold bold they would take over the underwater feeding. We do however occasionally feed them on the surface making for some pretty cool top side pictures. They swim in and amongst all the divers, coming in very close and are also very prevalent on the surface.

Nurse Sharks

There are usually one or two Nurse sharks around during our shark dives. They will come up to the bait crates and literally suck chunks of fish out of the crates.

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